"I’m grateful that the National Book Foundation recognizes the importance of expanding opportunities for people with disabilities to experience the pleasure of books and friends in a community setting."

Tom Fish, NCBC Founder, quoted in a National Book Foundation article on May 2, 2016

Next Chapter Book Club in the News 

August 23, 2017
Source:  Chicago Tribune (Illinois)
Next Chapter Book Club: More than Just a Book Club 

August 6, 2017
Source:  The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)
Book Club Network Doesn't Let Disability Get in the Way of a Good Story

March 19, 2017
Source:  ABC Central Victoria (Australia)
Book Club with a Difference Launched in Echuca

March 8, 2017
Source:  Kendall County NOW (Illinois)
Oswego Public Library District Offering Book Club for Disabled Adults

February 22, 2017
Source:  Rivervine Herald (Australia)
Book Club Opens New Page in Town

February 14, 2017
Source:  KALW Radio (California)
Portola Neighborhood Book Club Excludes No One

February 13, 2017
Source:  WFMY-TV (North Carolina)
Triad Teenager Named Top Volunteer for Work with Book Club

February 9, 2017
Source:  Davie County Enterprise Record (North Carolina)
Club Members Enjoy Fowl Play

January 24, 2017
Source:  WXII-TV (North Carolina)
Special Needs Book Club Promotes Adult Literacy

October 27, 2016
Source:  Toledo Blade (Ohio)
New Chapter for Disabled

July 26, 2016
Source:  National Book Foundation (Website)
Interview with Susan Berg, Executive Director of Chapters Ahead | Next Chapter Book Club

May 2, 2016

Source:  Mashable (Internet News Service)
2016 Innovations in Reading Prize Winners Make World Better One Book at a Time

April 30, 2016
Source:  Athens Messenger (Ohio)
Service Dog Visits Newly-Established Next Chapter Book Club

April 29, 2016
Source:  American Library Magazine (New York)
Aging Out of Sensory Storytime 

February 24, 2016
Source:  KMTV (Nebraska)
Next Chapter Book Club:  Good Books and Great Friends

January 18, 2016
Source:  Dayton Daily News (Ohio)
Book Club for Adults with Developmental Disabilities Expanding

January 15, 2016
Source: Chicago Tribune (Illinois)
Next Chapter Book Club Helps Developmentally Disabled People Keep Reading

November 2, 2015
Source:  Westminster Window (Colorado)
Book Club is Not Just About Reading


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