Program Description

NCBC is committed to providing weekly opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to read, learn and make friends in a relaxed, community setting. The premise is simple. A group of four to eight people with disabilities, along with two trained facilitators, gather weekly or bi-weekly for one-hour in a local public library, bookstore, coffee shop, café, or similar public establishment to read aloud and discuss a book. Anyone can participate, whatever their reading or ability level. NCBC members range from those who read proficiently to those who cannot read at all. We believe everyone has the ability to connect to a story and a right to share theirs.

NCBC provides a unique environment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to experience community inclusion, social connectedness, life-long learning, as well as opportunities for self-determination and self-advocacy.

Did you know?


of those surveyed reported being more comfortable in the community since joining NCBC!

The NCBC meetings are purposeful gatherings of the same people on a regular basis. Members, as a group, determine all aspects of their participation in their clubs and are encouraged to express their opinions, wants, and needs. NCBC is not a traditional reading class or tutoring program. Although members may (and often do) improve literacy skills, the focus is on reading-to-learn, not learning-to-read. The goal of NCBC is for members to interact more frequently, and in new ways with reading materials, with each other, and with the community around them. We have found with our NCBC program model, members and facilitators grow and flourish in our book club community.

Want to start a club?

This is the first step towards becoming a NCBC Affiliate. Our “Affiliate” model offers NCBC to communities all over North America and in other parts of the world.

How can you join?

Although there are some clubs for young children, the vast majority of our NCBC Affiliates offer clubs for adolescents and adults. Expect to have a lot of fun!